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Lady B Knows: The Minimalist Look


Minimalism is all about a striking modern simplicity.  Don’t be deceived though, it needs a restrained décor to achieve the austere finish such a super stylish interior design aesthetic demands.  


Here are my Top 5 Tips on how to embrace the minimalist look:

  1. Keep the focus on expert clean lines and a composed colour palette
  2. It needs a glaring and absolute modesty to showcase the beauty of the homeowner’s carefully selected discreet décor, no distractions allowed.
  3. Use natural, stark textures such as wood, slate and plants to lend an unpretentious and sleek backdrop.
  4. There’s no room for clutter, fussy or ostentatious décor – it needs to be a streamlined, functional and simplified space.
  5. With everything, ask yourself if it’s absolutely necessary.  If not, then you’re a natural minimalist – celebrate an inspiring clarity of mind.


My interior design choice?  Well, I’ll keep this blog suitably minimalist, but I share all in My Interior Design Style blog.


We’d love to feature your minimalist interior design pics on our Instagram and Pinterest pages.  Please email us at with your images.  We’ll get in touch with you before we post any images and ensure your confidentiality.


For inspirational ideas, I invite you to visit HRH and browse with me, viewing my hand-picked minimalist home décor pieces.

Lady B